ZenOne Podcast

In this episode, Delaney Barber, Customer Success Manager at ZenSupplies, discusses with Amanda Garthwaite, Regional Director Of Operations at Lightwave Dental, the story of how Lightwave offices got acquainted with ZenSupplies and started their journey towards efficiency and transformation. The journey wasn’t all smooth and effortless. But due to the challenges they faced, Amanda and her team understood the importance of constant analysis, communication, trainings, and support. Amanda describes how ZenSupplies helps them stay under budget and consolidate all their needs in one convenient place. No more juggling multiple systems and vendors, they now had a unified hub of resources at their fingertips.
Amanda’s advice to other dental practices is that technology is not something to be feared but embraced. It is a key that would unlock doors they never knew existed, changing the mindset and paving the way for efficiency.

What is ZenOne Podcast?

ZenOne Podcast is a place where we combine our 2 passions. One is to help improve dental practices through efficiency (think of streamlined process, organization, Zen in your office life) and interviewing interesting people.