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Your inbox should be no place for prying eyes.

Show Notes

On June 15, Basecamp launches a new email service called Hey. One of its features is that it blocks tracking pixels that report back to the sender when and how you read an email. In this episode, Basecamp's marketing team talks about their difficult search for an email newsletter provider that doesn't track subscribers. And Nabiha Syed, president of the new investigative journalism outlet The Markup, talks about their commitment to data minimization—including zero tracking, not even open rates, on their newsletters—and how that affects their relationship with readers.

Show Notes

Basecamp’s newsletter - 2:34

Hey - 3:05

Andy Didorosi on Twitter - 3:29

Farnam Street newsletter - 5:47

Adam Stoddard on Twitter - 7:23

Mailchimp's postcard program | Opt out of receiving postcards - 9:21 - 12:34

Nabiha Syed's bio | Twitter - 14:04

The Markup - 14:06

The Markup's privacy policy - 14:28

Nabiha’s letter - 16:27

Martijn de Kuijper on Twitter | Revue - 18:40

What is Rework?

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