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Hiring help in your law firm business can be a game changer, but how do you know when you need an executive assistant instead of a virtual assistant? It can be tricky, but there are some definite differences in the capabilities between the two roles.

In this episode of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, Davina speaks with Gina Cotner, founder and CEO of Athena Executive Services, which pairs virtual executive assistants around the United States with swamped and successful entrepreneurs and executives. Athena’s team of high-caliber executive assistants work part-time from home, taking many tasks and projects off the plates of successful people, leaving them free to spend their time where they are needed most.

Join us as Gina explains the differences between executive and virtual assistants, the most valuable traits an EA should have, why you may want a U.S.-based EA instead of someone overseas, and Gina’s tips for finding a great EA match. 

Show Highlights:
  • Gina’s company focus and the services it offers, and how to differentiate between an executive assistant (EA) and a virtual assistant (VA)
  • Why you may need a mindset shift when it comes to hiring help
  • The most valuable traits an EA should have
  • Who Gina’s EAs are, her vetting process, and what they can do for your business
  • The differences between U.S.-based EAs and overseas EAs
  • The steps you can take to prepare mentally for hiring someone to help you
  • What to look for in a good executive assistant and what you should expect to pay
  • Gina’s advice for finding a great EA match

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