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Show Notes

Building a culture of recruiting early on in your company is critical.

Miss that step and everything will get harder as the company grow:
-harder to hire top performers.
-harder to reach your targets.
-harder to... simply grow.

Matt is an Operation Partner at Human Capital, a VC firm based in SF, in addition to being a former sourcer at Google.

In this episode, Matt explains:
-how to use your sales skills to recruit your first employees
-why and how to log every conversation you have with potential candidates
-how to pick the good hiring agency for your company
-how to fight against cognitive biases when recruiting
-how much time should a founder spend into recruiting

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What is A-Players - Hire & build high-performing teams.?

"Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships".

In the world of recruiting, some people have seen it all. They built recruiting teams from the ground up, hired hundreds of people for the best companies in the world, and developed their expertise year after year. I’m Robin Choy and I'm on a mission to collect their learnings