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Larry has been studying the Egyptian pyramids for decades. He has made presentations of his discoveries at major Egyptological conferences. He directs our work in the field and maintains contact with our associates around the world. He has led 10 tours to Egypt and outfitted several research expeditions which have yielded major discoveries including the Holy Shaft and Circle, the origin of the Fibonacci Spiral that goes through the center of 4 Giza pyramids, the complete correlation of Orion stars on Egyptian soil, the Hemiunu Template, and the deciphering of pavement markings around Giza.

Embark on a mesmerizing journey as we unveil the hidden truths behind Egypt's pyramids. Join us as we decode ancient mysteries, explore untold secrets, and delve into theories surrounding these iconic structures. From the construction techniques to the purpose behind their creation, get ready for a deep dive into the enigmatic world of the pyramids. Gain unique insights and discover the Sphinx's secrets in this captivating exploration of Egypt's architectural marvels. Tune in now for a fascinating blend of history, archaeology, and speculation!

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