Underestimated: Stories for Women

An interview with Jessica Lawlor, a self made entrepreneur who runs her own content management PR company with a pretty spectacular list of clients. Jessica discusses some of the hurdles she faced when quitting her job to start her own company and what she learned along the way.

Show Notes

Jessica Lawlor - Founder and CEO
Continuing the journey of interviewing women who have been underestimated in different aspects of their life, how they overcame those hurdles and what they learned from their experience.

Who is Jessica Lawlor
Jessica Lawlor is the founder and CEO of Jessica Lawlor & Company (JL&Co), a specialty communications agency focused on content management and creation. She's an accomplished writer, speaker and personal branding expert in the Philadelphia area. Check out her blog, focusing on the ins and outs of running a business, productivity and stepping outside your comfort zone. Her story has been featured on Entrepreneur.com, Business News Daily, The Penny Hoarder and more.

Jessica's Underestimated Story
Jessica walks us through her experience of a mentor responding negatively to her announcement about leaving her job and starting her own company. She talks about the sacrifices she made to get her company off the ground like living at home to save money and staying in on Friday nights to work. Through all of the ups and downs her strongest recommendation to younger generations is to stop caring about what people think and do what you love.

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What is Underestimated: Stories for Women?

A podcast highlighting empowering stories about women being underestimated and how they rose above to establish their worth. Listen to real stories from real women dealing with everyday hurdles and discussing what they learned.