Stupid Points with David & M.A.

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Show Notes

Huge moment for the Stupid Points crew! We have our first in "stupido" guest... get it... eh eh?

We are joined by award winning wrestling photo journalist Justin Hoch. The 2017 National Wrestling Media Association and 2019 W.I.N. Photo Journalist of the Year to be exact. He is the creator of "The Fire Inside", a personal photo series project where he documents wrestlers from all over the world, from our legends to high school state champs. 

We touch on topics like COVID-19 (Obviously) to Rampage the video game the movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson" to questionable FloSports activity.

Justin has traveled all over the world and because of that has a great perspective on life and the current state of things. He was kind enough to give us snapshot of his adventures in our longest podcast to date. So get ready for our guy... our dude... our friend... the amazing Justin Hoch!

Follow him on Instagram: @JustinHoch

What is Stupid Points with David & M.A.?

Two dummies in Brooklyn who talk about combat sports. Specifically wrestling, MMA and Bjj. And occasionally... all the time... we’ll make some Stupid Points!