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This was my entry to LNOE Traktor Mix Competition Oct/ Nov 2019. I tried to create a mix that is original, has an underground and international sound and using original acapella / snippets I made and edited just for this mix. Although I was aware the 'world and his dog' would enter the competition, it's still good to have some parameters to work in for a change and enter into the spirit of competition and testing yourself. Hope you enjoy the homage to the 90's start complete with classic track as the intro.

Show Notes

The competition stated we had to Use 1 LNOE Label Track & 1 90's Track.

LNOE Track is:
7. Depaart - Blowing Smoke (A Friend of Marcus Remix)

90s Track is:
15. BT - Tripping the last Fantastic (Original Mix)

Full Tracklist:

1. Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Original Mix)
2. Danny Jarvis Feat Sasha (DJ's as Gods Edit)
3. Frankey - Dream (Original Mix)
4. Dan Diamond - Therapy (Acapella)
5. Pole Folder- La Riviere d Argent (Original Mix)
6. Danny Jarvis Feat. David Attenborough (Danny Earth Message Edit)
7. Depaart - Blowing Smoke (A Friend of Marcus Remix)
8. Rory Gallagher & James Trystan - The Young One (Jonas Saalbach Remix)
9. Danny Jarvis Feat Stephen Hawkins (Danny Human Impact On Earth Edit)
10. Nishan Lee - Dusty Bees (Matias Chilano Remix)
11. RPO & GMJ – Primacy (Original Mix) Parquet Recordings
12. Oribital - Nothing Left (Journeys By Djs Remix)
13. Pete Lazonby – Sacred Cycle (Dave Spoon Mix)
14. Danny Jarvis Feat Sasha (Outro Edit)
15. BT - Tripping the last Fantastic (Original Mix)

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