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Right now around the world, the hops industry is in two modes: In the Northern Hemisphere, the hop farmers are prepping the poles for twine, making sure the bines that start to grow are the perfect plant to make the arduous climb up, and are preparing the farm for the busy season ahead.

While in the Southern Hemisphere, harvest has been over for weeks, so the hop farmers are composting, cleaning the kilns, and are taking a well deserved break. On this episode we talk to two hop farmers, Eric Desmarais of CLS Farms in Yakima, Washington and Andrew Sutherland, hop farmer at Oast House Farms in Upper Moutere, New Zealand about what they are currently doing around their farms and the differences seasonality makes.

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  • Hosts:  Don Tse and Em Sauter
  • Guests: Eric Desmarais and Andrew Sutherland
  • Sponsors: Estrella Galicia, All About Beer
  • Tags: Hops, Yakima Valley, New Zealand, Farming

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