Movies vs. Capitalism [DEAD FEED]

Rivka and Frank are joined by artist and YouTube host Matt Strackbein, AKA The Letterhack, for a conversation about Tony Gilroy's 2007 film starring George Clooney, Michael Clayton, the story of a high-priced “legal fixer” who uncovers a deadly conspiracy perpetrated by his law firm’s corporate client. They discuss how Michael Clayton is ultimately a story about radicalization and redemption, and how the film viscerally depicts the psychological toll exacted from doing a corporation’s dirty work.

A rough transcript of the episode is available here.

For next week’s movie, we’ll be watching the 1999 film about the history of the New Deal’s Federal Theatre Project, Cradle Will Rock

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What is Movies vs. Capitalism [DEAD FEED]?

MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM explores the politics of your favorite films through an anti-capitalist lens. Each episode, hosts Rivka and Frank are joined by a guest for a critical discussion about a film and how it’s obviously a scathing indictment of late-stage capitalism.

MVC examines the crucial intersection between pop culture and politics — unpacking the ideological messages baked into some of your favorite movies.