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Show Notes

Today on the podcast Jim and Tyson sat down with Chip Franks. Chip is on a mission to help you love life even more. He’s an author, podcaster, and entrepreneur after being a husband to his wife, whom he has known for 26 years, 5 months, 2 weeks and 2 days, and his three kids, Mandy, Aly, and The Amazing Alec.

2:23 mortality moment
6:30 expanding capacity to love 
7:05 when your mind is somewhere else
9:08 meditation practice
12:35 using a VA
14:43 practice gratitude
19:14 depression
23:15 helping others

Jim’s Hack: Connect to music, it can help set the tone. 

Chip’s Tip: Get more sleep, it helps with depression and to balance chemicals in your body. Set a bedtime alarm. 

Tyson’s Tip: Streamyard’s feature to pre-record and then push it “live” later on. 

Watch the interview here.

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