The Retort AI Podcast

Tom and Nate discuss the shifting power landscape in AI. They try to discern what is special about Silicon Valley's grasp on the ecosystem and what other types of power (e.g. those in New York and Washington DC) will do to mobilize their influence. 

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00:00: Introduction and Cryptozoologists
02:00: DC and the National AI Research Resource (NAIR)
05:34: The Three Legs of the AI World: Silicon Valley, New York, and DC
11:00: The AI Safety vs. Ethics Debate
13:42: The Rise of the Third Entity: The Government's Role in AI
19:42: New York's Influence and the Power of Narrative
29:36: Silicon Valley's Insularity and the Need for Regulation
36:50: The Amazon Antitrust Paradox and the Shifting Landscape
48:20: The Energy Conundrum and the Need for Policy Solutions
56:34: Conclusion: Finding Common Ground and Building a Better Future for AI

Creators & Guests

Nathan Lambert
RLHF researcher and author of blog
Thomas Krendl Gilbert
AI Ethicists and co-host of The Retort.

What is The Retort AI Podcast?

Distilling the major events and challenges in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, from Thomas Krendl Gilbert and Nathan Lambert.