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On this episode, Zael Ellenhorn, a YMU Group artist manager whose roster includes RAC, Kina, and Ryan Caraveo, walks us through his thought processes when it comes to managing artist relationships, developing social media strategies, and building super fandoms.

Show Notes

Zael is a manager at YMU Group, a global talent management company with a roster that includes RAC, Kina, Ryan Caraveo, Ben Zaidi, and Oshi. Originally from Amherst, Massachusetts, Zael grew up around a lot of jazz, cows, and psychologists. After moving out to LA and building his own management company, Zael joined forces with YMU in late 2019 where he kicked things off by developing the marketing plan for RAC’s third studio album “BOY” before signing Kina and Ryan Caraveo in early 2020.

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