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In this episode, I sat down (virtually) with Marie Outtier who is the director of product management at Twitter and prior to Twitter, co-founded Aiden, an AI-Powered marketing analytics platform that she sold to Twitter within 3 years of founding the company. Along the way, she got pregnant and also started a family. In this episode, I ask her about the most important lessons she learned reflecting back on her journey from idea to sale; her tips on hiring for diversity; her advice on getting angel funding, and taking the entrepreneurial route for other women.

Show Notes

  • [01:11] Brief overview of what Aiden did and timeline of going from idea to sale to Twitter.
  • [06:43] Do companies still need to relocate to get traction or to be noticed by potential acquirers? Has this changed post-pandemic?
  • [08:22] Reflecting on your journey so far, if you had to write a book, what would you write about?
  • [10:51] Is there any practical advice on how to hire diversely despite inclinations to hire those similar to you? 
  • [13:50] Having been an entrepreneur and now an angel investor,  what should entrepreneurs (especially women entrepreneurs) do and not do when trying to raise angel funding?
  • [20:34] What are your thoughts on women founders in Europe? And what could we do to increase the number of women founders?
  • [24:48] What is the next big thing for you?
  • [29:18] How does the product that Twitter has acquired fit their overall roadmap? Has it been integrated or is it a standalone product?
  • [30:25] Closing thoughts and advice for other entrepreneurs

Marie on Twitter:

WHO - How to hire A players
Zero to One by Peter Thiel

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