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Masturbation is even more common than porn - and more taboo as well. Matt and Braden give a Biblical understanding of God's view of masturbation, as well as outlining the effects it has on marriage. Also, they dive into fascinating new research on whether or not masturbation is helpful or harmful in our lives.

Show Notes

Welcome to episode #10! In this week's podcast, Matt and Braden discuss in detail what God's view on masturbation is, why the Bible doesn't talk about it, and why it's so important that Christians are solid in their view on this subject.

Here is a brief summary of the episode.

Why doesn't the Bible talk about masturbation?
The Bible doesn't say the word 'masturbation' outright, so some people believe that means it might be okay in God's eyes. However, that also leaves the door open for it to not be His will for us. Rather than the Bible being a book of do's and don'ts, it's more about revealing God's character. Every single thing God ever does, He does with those He's in intimate relationship with, whether it's His Son, Holy Spirit, or us, His children. He never does anything apart from those He's one with. This reveals His character and He wants us to follow suit. Masturbation is an act done outside of intimate relationships, so it doesn't ever fall within God's will for our lives. Whenever sexual activity is referred to positively in scripture, it's between a man and his wife in marriage. Masturbation is a solo sexual act. We know what God's will IS for marriage, so God would be wasting ink to get detailed on every act that is outside of His design.

Does masturbation affect other people?
Sex is a selfless act. Masturbation is a selfish act. Masturbating trains our brains and bodies to desire certain things that are all about us. When we get married and start having sex with our spouse, we can become disillusioned when faced with serving another person sexually when we're used to simply serving ourselves. 

Masturbation limits our intimacy with God
God is love. God is everywhere and in everything. One type of love that God is 'Eros' love. It's an erotic, romantic love. God is that kind of love and welcoming Him into times of temptation will satisfy our souls so much more, will bring peace to our bodies, and will strengthen the relationship we have with God in our lives! Masturbation makes us feel dirty and ashamed and teaches us to hide. God's presence makes us feel loved.

The science proves it
Our brain has two 'pleasure centers.' One gets lit up with excitement and the other gets lit up when we feel satisfied. Sex with our spouse lights up both of these parts of our brains. Masturbation lights up the 'excitement' part of our brain, but it leaves the 'satisfaction' part of our brain longing for more. Masturbation leads to depression, prostate abnormalities, lower self-esteem, and loneliness, among other things. The semen make up of men's semen is different when we masturbate than it is when we have sex! God's will is not for us to masturbate, but He certainly wants us to have sex in marriage and He wants to be part of our lives in temptation

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Next week, Matt and Braden help you walk through a plan of identifying and dealing with the things that trigger temptation in your life. Some triggers are harder to identify that others since they don't appear to have anything to do with sex. Subscribe at www.purevictorypodcast.com so you don't miss it!

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Podcast Hosts
Braden is the Regional Director in Alberta for FamilyLife Canada. He has been married for 12 years to his wife Kristen, and they live in Edmonton, Alberta. He is passionate about seeing marriages grow and thrive, and helping couples move to a deeper oneness with one another and with God. FamilyLife Canada has a variety of resources and events to help you and your spouse take your marriage to the next level. See what would benefit you at www.familylifecanada.com

Matt and his wife Louise raise their little guy, David, in Edmonton, Alberta. He is honored to do what he can to tackle the epidemic of pornography and sexual perversion in every way possible. Seeing lives and marriages get free and experience the love of God in profound ways is what drives him every day. He leads Restored Ministries, is a certified speaker and coach for the John Maxwell Team, and formerly played hockey in the WHL and for Hockey Canada. You can visit www.restoredministries.ca.

Faith-based inspiration to win at sex, conquer porn and find purpose in staying free forever.

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Faith-based inspiration to win at sex, conquer porn, and find purpose in staying free forever.