Seeking the Military Suicide Solution

Rick Trimp, the president of Livingworks, one of the world's leading suicide intervention training organizations, joins the show to talk about gatekeeper training and the role of gatekeepers in suicide prevention

Show Notes

About Today’s Guest: 
Rick Trimp, MBA, is an experienced health and education executive. He leads LivingWorks with a vision of community-based health impact made possible through layered, integrated training programs combined with transformative technology.

Prior to joining LivingWorks, Rick led the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)’s School of Health and Life Sciences as Dean. Before that, he provided executive leadership to Alberta Health Services, Canada’s first and largest province-wide health service, first as Vice President of Province-Wide Clinical Support Programs and Services and then as Interim President and CEO.

Rick began his career as a physical therapy technician with the United States Navy and went on to work in healthcare operations throughout Canada and the United States. His focus on fostering and expanding strategic partnerships has enabled him to draw communities and partner organizations together to magnify their health and education impacts. Rick is passionate about suicide prevention and establishing grassroots, community-based approaches that create lasting changes in population health.

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What is Seeking the Military Suicide Solution?

The statistics about suicide in the military affiliated population are alarming, and many are aware of them. Awareness is no longer enough, however. Communities must pair that awareness with meaningful action in order to make a difference. Brought to you by Military Times, join combat veteran and clinical mental health counselor Duane France and nationally recognized suicide prevention expert Dr. Shauna Springer every week as they bring the knowledge of experts on suicide in the military affiliated population to communities that need it.