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Chris Tritabaugh, the golf course superintendent at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota, discusses an OM246 report for samples collected in October 2021. This is total organic material by depth, and knowing the results of this test provide valuable information to optimize golf course playability while ensuring one is applying just the right amount of sand.

For more about this, see the OM246 project page on the ATC website.

Creators & Guests

Micah Woods
I'm chief scientist at the Asian Turfgrass Center and director of the @paceturf information service. Some current projects include #OM246, #ClipVol, and #MLSN.
Chris Tritabaugh
Golf course superintendent at Hazeltine National Golf Club

What is ATC Office Hours?

I discuss technical turfgrass topics with turfgrass managers, scientists, greenkeepers, and whoever drops by the ATC office hours. There's a lot of talk about the work done to create playing surfaces for golf, and also about growing grass for sporting surfaces of all sort, and also some talk of lawns.