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Adventurer Luc Mehl has spent decades exploring Alaska in the most creative ways. He’s skied from Haines to Juneau, ice-skated a 100+ mile route on frozen lakes and seashores above the Arctic Circle, and bikepacked portions of the Iditarod Trail. In 2006, he discovered a much more efficient way to cover miles in the mountains: packrafting. He’s taken floating down Alaskan rivers to a new level ever since.

Don’t miss episode 31 of the Out and Back Podcast as Luc takes us on his incredible Alaskan journey, from growing up in a tiny Alaskan village to becoming an expert in packrafting. Luc discusses the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic and the tragic event that caused him to take a step back in the backcountry and relearn packrafting all over again from the very beginning. In the process of doing so, Luc wrote "The Packraft Handbook", the definitive source for learning how to read water, identify river hazards, and choose the right gear and safety equipment for your next river adventure. Luc talks about how his new book is his way of helping people learn from his mistakes and be safer on the river.

Show Notes

Learn more about Luc Mehl and his Alaskan adventures on his website. Follow him on Instagram. And pick up a copy of “The Packraft Handbook” to get the best tips for staying safe on moving water. Pre-orders are available now and will be shipped in June.

Finally, make sure to check out the Out and Back Instagram Page.

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What is Out and Back?

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