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Between cameras, sensor-equipped ID badges, and keystroke-logging software, employers are keeping an ever-watchful eye on their workers, all in the name of security or increased productivity. Jason Meller has spent his career in computer security and witnessed what can happen when a corporation's obsession with safety results in harmful surveillance of its employees. On this episode, he talks about navigating those ethical boundaries and why it's important to have constant consent instead of constant surveillance.

Show Notes

Jason Meller - 00:25

"What is SSL?" - 1:13

This is Outback Steakhouse's page for the Bloomin' Onion, which is categorized as an "Aussie-tizer." Yes, that's what Outback calls appetizers. I cannot un-know this fact and now I pass it to you. - 2:43

"At an Outback Steakhouse Franchise, Surveillance Blooms" (Wired) - 2:51

"Presto Launches Computer Vision Product for Real-Time Restaurant Operations Insights" (Presto press release) - 3:18

"The Employer-Surveillance State" (The Atlantic) - 3:40

Kolide - 5:45

Basecamp's security overview with a mention of Shipshape (PDF) - 20:54

"Introducing Netflix Stethoscope" (The Netflix Tech Blog) - 20:58

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