Curiously Kristen

Been gone for a minute but....WE BACK, Y'ALL!! And today we're getting curious about a principal of Stoic philosophy that had such a huge impact on me that I literally tattooed it on my body: "THE OBSTACLE IS THE WAY"

As the former Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, once said: "The impediment to action advances action." 
AKA: The obstacle is the way. 
AKA: The thing standing in the way BECOMES THE WAY. 

We break down what this means exactly and how it applies to real life situations. I share a harrowing story of a computer problem that almost cost me my sanity (lol) and discuss the hardest part of boundaries (SPOILER: it's upholding them, not setting them). 

Last, we talk about looking for the lessons in every hard situation. Seeing every difficult person as the messenger of a lesson we still need to learn. 

REFERENCES: "The Obstacle is the Way" by Ryan Holiday (
INTRO/OUTRO MUSIC: Brasko "Back To You"

What is Curiously Kristen?

On this show, we talk about lots of things. Personal development, behavioral psychology, business trends, leadership, adventure travel, spiritual practice, starting over somewhere new, taking risks, failing, getting back up and trying again. The subject matter is broad but the connecting fiber is deep. WE'RE EXPLORING OUR CURIOSITY. Without judgement. Without needing permission. Here, we'll learn, grow, and become our best selves - by leaning into the things we're curious about and letting that curiosity pave our path to purpose.