Regular Programming

Hardware woes. But also ID3 tags.

Show Notes

The hardware woes episode. But first: the joy and wonder of ID3v2.3.

Implementing the specification of a binary format as a library.

Lars' next laptop. Then Lars' gear situation. Power bricks and cable capabilities are … a labyrinth.

The trials and tribulations of getting and setting up a Steam deck.

Linkable matter

* The ID3v2.3 spec
* Fold left and fold right
* Lars' blog post about working with ID3
* Apple's WWDC keynote
* The M2 Macbook air
* The Framework laptop
* Linux on M*-chip computers
* Dell's XPS laptops
* RJ45
* Steam deck
* Slackware
* PopOS
* Regolith
* Frank Hunleth (of Nerves fame)
* Sony A7C

If we had titles

* Trying to be clever, and doing it poorly
* It still reverses the whole thing
* Arbitrary comments
* The future of mp3:s
* The world is less and less file-centric
* A USB-C-shape cable

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