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Those of us who are getting older are often painfully aware of past failures in our lives, when we take a backward look. The Apostle Paul was certainly aware of his horrible past, remembering that he was actively involved in "persecuting" Christians. That word is a nicer way to say that he was even involved in the murder of some of Jesus' followers. The scriptural basis for the sermon is Philippians 3, verses 13 and 14.

As we join our worship service now from Ocean Lakes, we'll be thinking together about what we can do when we have failed. Thank you for taking this journey with us today.

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What is Ocean Lakes Church Service?

Spend a few minutes with Rev. Kirk Lawton for insight and encouragement through the word of God. The longtime Chaplain for Ocean Lakes Family Campground has been an inspiration to thousands of campground guests from all over North America. Located on 310 oceanfront acres in Myrtle Beach, SC, Ocean Lakes is one of the largest family-owned campgrounds in the United States and has welcomed travelers for nearly 50 years. The non-denominational Church Service is held in the Recreation Center every Sunday at 9 AM with up to 800 in attendance.