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In this episode of The Indie SaaS Operator, Stefan Wirth joins us to talk about buying SaaS, startups using AI, and much more.

Tune in to learn more about:

~ Steps to take right after you buy a SaaS tool.

~ A unique way to find a co-founder with marketing skills.

~ Is integrating AI in your SaaS tool a good idea for the long term?

  • (00:09) - Story behind SwiftBrief
  • (01:25) - What SwiftBrief does?
  • (02:16) - How did Stefan buy SwiftBrief?
  • (04:43) - How Stefan took over SwiftBrief and got the first few customers?
  • (09:36) - Stefan's experience with AI integration
  • (14:31) - What are future plans for SwiftBrief?

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Mentioned In The Episode - Stefan’s Current Startup - React.js Agency for Startups - A Platform to Buy/Sell Startups

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Nikolas Chapoupis
Founder of EarlyNode & (React Agency for SaaS Startups)

What is The SaaS Operator Podcast?

Get real stories about the birth and growth of SaaS Startups with our Host Nikolas Chapoupis (CEO @EarlyNode). Each episode gets into the trenches alongside those who were *actually* there when it happened. To reveal the full story of what's working in SaaS right now, from hiring to fundraising, marketing, and product strategy.

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