Footprint 40

In this latest edition of Footprint 40 we are delighted to be joined by Kate Nicholls OBE, who has been CEO of UKHospitality, representing the broader hospitality sector, since its inception in 2018. Kate was previously CEO and Strategic Affairs Director of the ALMR, the trade body for eating and drinking out of home businesses. As the face and voice of the industry Kate was front and foremost in articulating the importance, value and struggles of the hospitality sector to government and public during the pandemic and forcefully continues to do so today. You will want to hear her thoughts as the industry confronts such current pressures as the economy, energy crisis, general price inflation, supply chain and labour issues.

What is Footprint 40?

A podcast that gets under the skin of the sustainability issues affecting the food and drink sector. In each episode, hosts Nick Hughes and David Burrows are joined by a special guest to chew over the news and views making the headlines in the industry.