Real Talk with Tonya Sakowicz

Cloth diapering has sure changed in the past few years and with the price of everything increasing more families are making the switch to cloth. Find out the reasons families are switching!

Show Notes

The views expressed tonight are solely those of the guest and do not necessarily represent the views of Newborn Care Solutions.
Kaylee Weeden lives in Houston Texas but grew up in small town Wyoming. She is a mom of one beautiful little girl born in 2021. She decided to take a more natural approach to birthing and in turn decided to cloth diaper her baby. After trying more than a handful of cloth diaper brands Kaylee found that not one cloth diaper had all the features she wanted or needed. That's when Kaylee decided to open Buffalo Butts. Kaylee always being artistically inclined decided to hand draw all the designs for Buffalo Butts making them truly one of a kind prints.

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