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Being a novelist isn't for the faint of heart. It takes, persistence, dedication and a willingness to write that sh**ty first draft. Genre-bending author, artist, and designer, Keith Rosson discusses his process for his latest novel, Road Seven, and well, writing and creating in general.

Show Notes

In this episode Author and Artist, Keith Rosson chats with Jeniffer and Chad about his latest novel, Road Seven; a genre-bending mix of character driven literary fiction and Sci-Fi/fantasy.  There's talk of everything from exploding whales, to unicorns, to how important consuming art is in relation to creating it. And of course, some excellent, practical advice on the writing process, query letters, the benefit of writing groups, and what inspires Keith to write what he does.

What is The Premise?

Here on The Premise we talk to storytellers of all types. From authors to musicians, poets, photographers, and podcasters we get down to the tiny grain of sand that becomes a pearl.