34 Circe Salon -- Make Matriarchy Great Again -- Disrupting History

They are the daring action women that we all adore, but what is it really like to be a stuntwoman? Join us for a really fun discussion with four Hollywood stuntwomen: Katie Rowe is the head of the Hollywood Stuntwomen's Association and an amazing stuntwoman of more than two decades.  Angela Meryl is also legendary stuntwoman who has doubled such luminaries as Beyonce and Viveca Fox.  Indus Alelia a stuntwoman who has worked on several independent movies and is renown for her fire stunts.  Devavani Conroy is a stuntwoman and actress who is fairly new on her stuntwoman journey and already making a name for herself.  

All four women represent the best of the stuntwoman community.

Join us as we celebrate these female action heroes!

Sean Marlon Newcombe and Dawn "Sam" Alden co-host.

What is 34 Circe Salon -- Make Matriarchy Great Again -- Disrupting History?

Smashing the falsehood and omissions of women of action, warrior women and great queens, past, present and future. Amazons, War Goddesses and Matriarchy. Truths shall be revealed, myths demolished and empires restored. Join us for an exciting ride!