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Noah Charney is an art historian, lecturer, author, and expert on art thievery. 

His latest book, The 12-Hour Art Expert, is the perfect entree for the layperson (like me!) who’s interested in learning more about art, but doesn’t quite know where to begin. It’s scholarly, but not abstruse; simple, but not condescending; thorough, but not tedious. 

Oh–and its pictures are absolutely stunning! 

Read this book, and you’ll be able to walk into any art museum with a breadth of knowledge and a newfound confidence with which to impress not only yourself, but your (less) cultured  friends! 

In this episode, Noah and I discuss: 

Whether or not our current age still values art; (if not), if we’ve become outright hostile to art; the role of Beauty in society; If we can arrive at freedom through beauty; The (three) Transcendentals: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness; Which of the three is most important; Do we have an innate understanding of great art, or do we need to be educated to grasp it; Slowing down to appreciate art in a society that prioritizes quick clips on Social Media; Mindfulness in art; Art and cinema; The Golden Age of art; Art thievery through history; The Mystic Lamb; The piece of art that overwhelmed Noah; 

And MUCH more!

Links to Noah’s Stuff: 

His latest: The 12-Hour Art Expert: Everything You Need to Know about Art in a Dozen Masterpieces: Charney, Noah: 9781538156599: Books

His novel: The Art Thief (Audible Audio Edition): Noah Charney, Simon Vance, Blackstone Audio, Inc.: Audible Books & Originals


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As the great French essayist Montaigne once said, “To my taste, the most fruitful and natural exercise of our minds is CONVERSATION. I find the practice of it the most delightful activity in our lives”.

It certainly is the most delightful activity in my life. I want it to be so in yours as well.

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