The Bed Head Chronicles

Today’s guest is a world champion in a different way. Michael O’Donnell has sold 12 million watts of solar. He’s the number one salesperson of solar in the world. He wrote the book “No Matter Watt” about pushing yourself to a 7 figure income by having a desperate mindset. His technique uses the same mindset of "working to pay your bills" as you work your way up into higher income to keep your push alive. In this episode, he discusses with Siri how your can find your motivation as you grow in success. 

What is The Bed Head Chronicles?

Join Siri Lindley, 2x World Champion, Author, Speaker, Animal Activist, Survivor and Thriver in the Bedhead Chronicles podcast. Siri has taken the impossible and made it possible. She finds a way to overcome every challenge. This podcast will dive into real life! It will get vulnerable. You're not alone in your fears, doubts, or worries. Siri will help you harness your power, create your magic, and create the life you dream of.