The E.S.C. Hatch

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Live Cast where the star is Ali, a diplomat's son in India. Twenty two and trying to figure out his life. The last 10 mins got disappeared?

Show Notes

Got new skills and new tools.  'mic check' was eventually cashed, then I explain why the Truth of Human Life is the foundational cornerstone for The ESC Hatch, and all Pilgrims and Greenhorns engaged with it. Then Ali calls in from India. He is a 22 year old student studying to become a govt diplomat, with his goal to become an ambassador and retire at 60.

We exchanged very open and deep questions, then dove into the meaning of living at all. After the call, myself, along with some mixed culture "yuths", @Stuart, @ZomieLover, et al., did a "post show" exploration of human social engagement where they chatted my channel up. I also learned to be a 'podhuld', or 'cuckpod', or 'livecuck'. Whatever you call a host whose audience has taken over the chat, leaving me to read their chat in a multitude of voices, From Donald Duck, to James Bond. Droopy Dog, Shaggy, the Ice King and many others. I also reported on our current project progress. Check us out to find out when we will be 'hatching' in a city near you!

What is The E.S.C. Hatch ?

Your exit stage left or right to neutral safe territory where all is founded on the simple Truth of Life, which is, the Requirement of Life, is its Death. From there, we explore fun, ourselves, each other, and even that thing over there, you know the one. That Guy gave it to us. You know! The One., The one with the face. I'll never forget him. Good Ol' What's His Name...