That Checks Out

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We made Ted cry! Ok, Damon made Ted cry. I just sort of laughed at his pain. A special surprise towards the end of the episode!

Show Notes

We have a great time being offended, get an AMAZING surprise, and we finally get those tears that Ted promised two episodes ago! Also, it should be mentioned that EVERY video we do is improvised/unrehearsed, so we can’t blame Damon for the end of this one.

Damon wants to know where to find the best biscuits and gravy in Chicago. Email him your picks!

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 The Basic Shaper

What is That Checks Out?

That Checks Out!
Friends since first grade, Damon and Ted sit down to banter about their past, present, and future experiences. Although these "self proclaimed comedians" share the same opinion on what is funny, they will often choose sides as they look to answer once and for all who is funnier. No one has to listen, but everybody should. That Checks Out!