Get Funded, Stay Funded

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Thomas Bass, SaaSOptics head of Customer Success Managers, joins us to talk about the metrics that matter for your SaaS business. As he has launched CSM programs at other startups and currently launching the CSM program at SaaSOptics, he dialogues with hundreds of customers annually helping them understand these important metrics.

What we will cover in this episode: What if you dont have a CSM program? What counts as a renewal? Non standard renewals. What if a client cancels and comes back? How do you handle that? What do you do when the renewal isn’t back to back? What is a retention rate you should be achieving in your business. SMB vs enterprise customer? When should you start reaching out to your customers to have a renewal conversation. Some key take aways.

What is Get Funded, Stay Funded?

This show is for entrepreneurs who want to learn the in's and out's of raising capital in today's marketplace. Learn from exclusive conversations with some of the top executives, leaders, and minds who have been successful and their real stories in front of investors. Hear from our team who has experience working with over 100+ VC's and 600+ B2B SaaS business on their road to raising over 9 billion in capital including the right metrics that matter. Welcome to Get Funded, Stay Funded with Derrick Thomas.

We hope that this podcast helps you on your own journey , whether now or in the future, to becoming the next Unicorn.