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Getting around Walt Disney World can be a challenge. With up to 10 different ways to move around the Vacation Kingdom, how do you know which methods are best or fastest for you? We cover them all in Episode 24, with the pros and cons of every single one.

Show Notes

Getting Around Walt Disney World: The Disney Transportation System

Whether you are a first time visitor to Walt Disney World, or a seasoned traveler who visits many times each year, you'll likely have to rely on Disney's elaborate transportation system as part of your stay. With so many options from which to choose, how do you know which methods are best for you, or best for where you're going? It's not always as straightforward as it seems and each Disney transportation method has its own pros and cons.

Every Option for Walt Disney World Transportation

In Episode 24 of the Disney Travel Podcast we take a closer look at the following methods of Walt Disney World transportation:
  • Monorails
  • Boats
  • Buses
  • Ferries
  • Walking
  • Your own car
  • Lyft and Uber
  • Minnie Van
  • SkyLiner
It's not always clear cut which ones may be the best choice, so we share our candid thoughts and experiences with all methods of Disney transportation so you can avoid any potential headaches and make the optimal choices for you.

We cover getting around, planning your routes and the pros and cons of each one. Plus, we cover Disney's Magical Express, parking lot trams and more.  We also include some hidden gems, transportation tips and Disney transportation gems from the past (that you may not know existed).

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Mike Belobradic and Amelia Belobradic

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What is 1923 Main Street: A Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast?

1923 Main Street® is a Disney travel podcast hosted by the daddy and daughter team of Mike Belobradic and Amelia Belobradic.

Join Mike and Amelia for fun-filled informative discussions as they cover travel to Disney destinations, including Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disney Vacation Club properties (including Disney Aulani in Hawaii and Disney's Vero Beach Resort in Florida), Disneyland Paris and more.

In each episode, Mike and Amelia discuss Disney travel topics from resort hotels, to Disney dining, VIP experiences, special events, theme parks and more. Mike has over 50 years of Disney travel experience, while Amelia brings a kid's perspective to the table with 10+ years of Disney travel under her belt.