Mixing Business with Pleasure

College sweethearts turned serial entrepreneurs: software companies, marketing agencies and a distillery. Jason and Shelly Dailey have built, sold and scaled multiple companies individually and together, all while being staying happily married for almost 10 years.

Show Notes

Type A chaos-lovers Jason and Shelly Dailey are college sweethearts turned serial entrepreneurs who own not one, but two businesses together - a digital marketing agency and a distillery. Join us today as we pour a glass, take a deep breath, and dig into the secrets of their success.

Initially attracted to each other’s drive and passion, Jason and Shelly were lovers before becoming co-business owners. However, their desire to seek adventure and entrepreneurial spirit were always present. 

With digital marketing finesse hardwired into his DNA, Jason established his full-service agency, Brandography, in 2008 - the same year he and Shelly got married and bought their home. Shelly was unofficially a part of the team from day 1, but officially jumped on board in 2012.
Through each transition and evolution of Brandography, the pair has ebbed and flowed into the roles that best support each other when and where it’s needed.

Then in 2015, they also joined the vibrant Twin Cities distilling and brewing scene when a new client to Brandography approached Jason to help him launch a whiskey brand and distillery. Shelly passionately dove into the project with Studio Distilling officially opening its doors to the public in 2018. She remains a key partner in the business and has helped guide it through endless excitement and challenges even recently as they’ve pivoted to also help create hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the key ingredients to this couple’s recipe for success when put in the pressure cooker of balancing work and love include...

  • Go back to the basics of respect in business. Treat the other person how you want to be treated.
  • There are times you need to separate your roles and know when to treat each other as co-workers (and when not to). Boundaries are crucial.
  • Always be each other’s biggest supporters, but also recognize each other’s strengths and let one or the other person take the lead based on that. Give each other the bandwidth to do what they need to do.
  • Find the balance that works for you and go with it. Continue to swim downstream rather than trying to swim up.
For even more tips, tricks, and laughs from this amazing couple, listen to the episode now (whiskey optional, but encouraged).

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