Team Up! Team-based primary and community care in action

Show Notes

In this episode Morgan tries to convince Sarah about the value of doing another survey - and he succeeds! (well almost)
We are talking about doing team pulse checks - very rapid polls or surveys to get actionable feedback within your team as a way to build up positive momentum and a sense of being a team.
Think about a pulse survey as checking team vitals.

Some example Primary Care Pulse Checks
ISU has made these in Google Forms. Feel free to copy them and use them yourselves or copy the idea of the pulse check and use the questions in whatever you want to use (email, etc.).
Also add a question or two specific to your team at the end to make them actionable and relevant.
Some general links to pulse surveys:
Why you need to invest in Pulse Surveys
What is an Employee Pulse Survey? - Qualtrics
Your guide to Remote + On-site Work Pulse

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Morgan Price
Sarah Fletcher

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