Lab Medicine Rounds

Interview with Matthew Binnicker, Ph.D. and Priya Sampathkumar, M.D.
This episode addresses important facts about influenza, such as getting vaccinated, when to be seen, and common misconceptions regarding the flu shot.

Show Notes

Time Stamps

00:00 Podcast Intro

01:00 How is influenza different from other respiratory infections, such as the common cold?

02:02 Why is influenza such a big deal? Many people think about influenza for different reasons, but how can we hit this home for the everyday person?

04:43 Can we unpack the idea of getting vaccinations, specifically getting vaccinations every year?

06:36 Can you address some of the common misperceptions when it comes to getting the flu vaccine? 

11:02 Who should see their doctor when they exhibit flu-like symptoms?

12:36 How is the influenza test changing?

14:45 The idea of point-of-care testing that bridges the patient/clinical practice and the laboratory supporting that practice caring for that patient. Can you discuss what some of the logistics and challenges are that come in to point-of-care testing?

16:02 What does it mean in regards to treatment of influenza with having a more sensitive test that is rapidly available?

 17:55 How are we spreading this knowledge to all of our physicians so they can understand how to make the decision of who needs be treated and why?

19:23 Are there any questions or feedback that either of you have gotten from other physicians or nurses on this topic that surprised you?

21:25 Is there a future state on the horizon where you think we may not need to be getting the influenza shot every year?

23:57 This podcast is really centered on building bridges between the clinical world and the lab world. Would you mind sharing a story that highlights where this collaboration has really helped the patient? 

26:47 I’m curious, for the trainees in your program, how are they trained/mentored on crossing the boundaries between the clinical and laboratory?

28:59 Is there anything you would like to add that we haven’t talked about so far?

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