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What exactly is coaching? How can you tell if you're hiring a coach or a consultant? What questions should you ask a coach during an exploration session? These questions AND MORE... as we do some demystification around coaching.

Show Notes

In this episode Laura & Julie continue to debunk what coaching practice is and is not. There is no shortage of self-help resources and folks who are consulting, speaking, and offering help. That being said, the land of coaching is unregulated and they might not be an actual coach.  Listen to the questions we get asked about coaching, questions we ask potential clients and each other, and a short list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to put in your back pocket if you are exploring coaching as well.
If you are a coach:
  • What questions do you ask a potential client?
  • How are you educating clients about your coaching practice?
  • What questions do you ask or get asked during an exploration session?
Future episode reflection: 
  • How did you get into coaching?
  • What motivated us to do coach training & certification?
Want to learn more about coaching? Have a question or topic we should discuss? Let us know!
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