On The Move Podcast Series

Listen to our podcast and learn why prioritizing DC performance metrics should begin with keeping the best customer service levels possible.

Show Notes

When it comes to prioritizing performance metrics in a distribution center (DC), maintaining the highest possible customer service levels should arguably be at the top of the list. Fulfilling this promise requires seamless execution across a diverse range of DC systems, processes and contributing key performance indicators (KPIs). At the end of the day, the goals are relatively simple: deliver the right products to the right customers, on time, in the correct quantity and at a competitive price. 

Today on the show: we’ll be exploring how DC operators can measure performance to achieve these key customer service objectives. The guest today is Armadeep Singh, head of product management and technology at Honeywell Intelligrated.

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What is On The Move Podcast Series?

The On The Move Podcast is a production of Honeywell Intelligrated, a material handling automation and software engineering company. The material handling industry has undergone significant changes over the last few years. Throughout this time, we’ve leveraged our On The Move platform to address and discuss numerous technologies and trends that have emerged from this evolution. From digital transformation and labor shortages to the increased adoption of automation and robotics to the rise of dark stores and micro-fulfillment centers, we have covered a wide range of topics to help you stay informed and hopefully outpace your competition.