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The world is a social world and it's crucial that you have the skills necessary to navigate it. Often when you play video games excessively you can find yourself with poor or underdeveloped social skills, which are made even more challenging if you struggle with ADHD or social anxiety. So how do you practically improve your social skills and succeed in a physical world? We welcome Dr. Jay Berk PhD to share his insights.

Show Notes

Episode 40 of Gaming the System, Brought to you by Game Quitters - Improving Your Social Skills with Dr. Jay Berk PhD

In this episode I cover:
  • Practical steps to make friends and improve your social skills
  • How to navigate challenges such as ADHD and social anxiety
  • Why it can be a challenge to quit gaming and focus on other areas of your life
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What is Gaming the System?

Part of the Game Quitters network, GTS brings you everything you need to know about video game addiction, and how people have changed their lives after overcoming it.

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