The Awesome Gnome Letter

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I find contentment and joy in where I’m at now, knowing that a love chapter will be written one day.

Show Notes

Was at a wedding this past weekend. A fabulous event, even felt out of my element as I walked past golf caddies dropping people off at their cars. It was an outdoor wedding, loved seeing my friends commit themselves to eachother. Even got to dance the cupid shuffle during the reception.

So the garter was thrown, and I was encouraged to get up and catch it. A weird thing happened though, I didn’t want to catch it. I’m single, and one day will find the person who will encourage me and be that person who I can support, empower and love with my whole being. Yet, I didn’t want to catch the garter. I don’t have someone I’m in a relationship with—and that’s actually OK. 😃

I am content and happy with who I am, where I’m at. I don’t write this in a plea to find someone, or a poor me type of post. I write this knowing that the one who caught the garter, is going to find their person to be with forever. I’m living my life, not feeling like I’m missing anything. I’m enjoying the journey right now. There is a love chapter yet to be written, but until the pen inks the words “Frazley began to date So and So”—I will live my life with joy and contentment. Doing what I love. Making facepalms, podcasts and singing my heart out in Twitch Sings. I will also celebrate my friends who are inking that chapter in the story of their life. Just like I did yesterday. Plus, the wedding desserts were DELICIOUS!

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