I Like Girls

Becoming a mother is a life-long journey that transforms the course of one's life. It’s a road paved with an abundance of love, sacrifice, and responsibility. In this heartfelt episode, we dig into the story of Motunrayo Oladeji, a Nigerian Communications Manager, who discusses the impact of having a child. Motunrayo candidly narrates her experiences with pregnancy, giving birth, and the ongoing process of discovering the best ways to nurture her little one.
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Creators & Guests

Aisha Salaudeen
Aisha is the an award-winning storyteller with experience covering women's issues on the African continent. She is the host and producer of I Like Girls.

What is I Like Girls?

I Like Girls - with Aisha Salaudeen - is a show about African women and the different experiences life throws at them for being women. Each episode of I Like Girls features stories that take you on a journey into the unanticipated ways life impacts women.