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We chased the folks who chased Cosby. Producer Alexadra Zaslow's podcast Chasing Cosby illuminates the heart wrenching and infuriating truth behind Cosby's decades of systematically grooming, drugging, raping and silencing women. Cosby survivor and thriver, Lili Bernard joins us with her harrowing insights.

Show Notes

The podcast Chasing Cosby takes you inside the headlines and bullet points of the case against Bill Cosby and the double life led by an icon who was once known as America's Dad. While Bill Cosby was rising through the ranks of stand-up comedy, winning an Emmy as the first black actor to co-star on a TV show, I Spy and redefining how the world relates to a typical African American family he was also serially and systematically drugging and raping women and then silencing their voices. The intense and powerful story of how he was finally brought to justice is told in the six episode podcast Chasing Cosby produced by Alexandra Zaslow and featuring Cosby survivor Lili Bernard. Both of whom join us for this insightful conversation with Louise Palanker, Danny Mann and Jamie Alcroft and Dina Friedman.

Chasing Cosby Podcast

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Premiere Radio Networks Founder Louise Palanker joins a panel of comedians to look at the ways in which we each look at the internet and the feedback loop that’s informing how we think and live. Regulars include Jamie Alcroft and Danny Mann.