A Dog's Life with Anna Webb

This week Anna is joined by Dr Nick Thompson, known as the Holistic Vet. We chat about vaccines, but also about minimising chemicals in your home. Science proves that indoor environments can be 100 times more toxic than outdoors. With this in mind Dr Nick talks about his experience using ‘probiotic therapy’. We chat about his experience with his own dogs in terms of Dental Care and with Dog Dental Month upcoming, it's a timely reminder that tooth brushing is not always the full proof answer in dogs or indeed humans. This why diet plays a major role. Dr Nick has long championed feeding a raw balanced and complete diet and we chat about why keeping your dog’s mouth full of good bacteria, rather than creating a sterile environment created by sterile diets, is so easy yet important!  Biscuit kibble gets stuck in dogs gums, and tiny particles remain overtime to create a pro-inflammatory reaction and gum disease. Conversely, feeding raw fuels the digestive system, the microbiome, and creates an environment in the mouth for good bacteria to flourish and counter any bad bacteria, which helps keep disease at bay. This coupled with regular treatment with Ingenious Probiotics’ Dental Spray has Dr Nick’s thumb’s up. Similarly for dogs fed on kibble diets especially adding some Collar-gen will replenish what is missing from a sterile biscuit diet. Collagen depletes in all mammals with age, and as a structural protein is essential for strong bones, and healthy soft tissue, including teeth and gums. 

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What is A Dog's Life with Anna Webb?


They’re companions, guardians, and much much more – they complete us. And they just might save us from ourselves.

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