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Enter a world, so liquid, so flowing, that you might as well just let go and float down into the whirlpool. The first 3 tracks blend and morph into each other so effortlessly and wonderfully that you don't hear them change. You're in, in for the journey. This is a gentle boiling pot of everything progressive house music should be. Vocals placed intelligently, breaks rolled in and out without fuss or distraction and percussion that builds the energy and yet still delivers a quiet brooding energy pushing onto the next track, and the next.

This mix is a master class - at 46 mins in I checked the time and it'd flown by - for me a sign of a perfectly executed mix and I was only a third of the way in. As the hour mark rolls by the beautiful moody 'Artche - Haunts (Original Mix) [Eklektisch]' glides in and we're too far down the river and heading towards the rapids.

At around 1hr 27 mins it's over the rapids and down the waterfall we go, hold your breath and see you at the end of the rinse!

International Dj'ing at it's finest from the man with the big heart and head full of wonderful music! Class - yet again!

Show Notes

  1. Andre Sobota - Layers (Extended Mix) 
  2. DJ Zombi - Broken
  3. Jelly For The Babies - New Life (Gaston Ponte Remix)
  4. 2OMA - Rainbow
  5. Haze-M, Suha - Yellow Sky Feat. Süha (Julian Wassermann Remix)
  6. Ziger - One World
  7. Madonna - Secret (Bautista Toniolo & Ramiro Drisdale Unofficial Remix)
  8. Brian Cid - El Verano De Tus Ojos
  9. Artche - Haunts
  10. Maga, Nhii - Sirens Of Space (Tim Engelhardt Remix)
  11. Hunter Game & Primal - Things Have Always Been (Matias Larrosa & Martin Gardoqui Edit Remix)
  12. Guy J - Milestone
  13. Nach - Ivory Coast (Matt Rowan and Robbie Lowe Mix)
  14. Andre Sobota - Lost Cause 
  15. NekliFF - Inu
  16. Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi - Empire (Cosmonaut Remix)
  17. Hoten - Maps of the Future
  18. Guy J - Mind Of
  19. Nathan Fake - Sky was pink

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