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Dimitrij Burakevic is an Architect and founder of Think Imagine Question Initiative. Using scientific research and artistic expression, his work with TIQ is trying to push the physical and mental boundaries of design thinking in order to prepare for extreme climatic shifts. From the Amazon rainforest wildfires to hurricanes, we have started to witness critical experiences on Earth where the solutions to resolve it will also exist in the questions that are being explored in developing space technology.

What makes you TiQ?
Explore Dimitrij's work on the following platforms:
Blog -
Documentary Style Series -
Response to Government's Call for Ideas post Climate Emergency -

Show Notes

This episode with Dimitrij Burakevic conveys multiple suggestions and ideas that form pieces of the puzzle to solve the problems we are currently facing in our world with regards to climate emergency. There are also wise words conveyed in finding inspiration and grasping the bigger questions of life, that we so often may not get the chance to reckon with in our day-to-day life. 
 Key topics of conversation and summaries are as follows:
“Growing up I spent my summers in Belarus fascinated with exploring the forests and observing the natural phenomenon, such as the webs constructed by spiders. These demonstrations of structural integrity, efficiency and sculptural composition were truly profound in beauty to my eyes. These moments of discovery inspired me to imagine and question how such mechanisms are engineered and how they respond to their natural context.”
Nature’s mechanisms have an intelligence that can be witnessed, observed and researched to inform our design ideas and innovation.
is a great resource to find out the latest research in biomimicry that will allow new ways of approaching your next design challenges. 
What makes you TiQ? This initiative by Dimitrij is looking into how technologies currently being developed for space can be used to inform and solve the challenges we face on earth. He argues that as we start to face more extreme climatic situations (which is an inherent quality of the environments in space), the research being explored can also be utilised for the design challenges of today. 
Blog -
Documentary Style Series -
The conversation didn’t end up taking the route to this topic, however, Dimitrij has written a proposal as a response to government’s call for ideas post Climate Emergency. This is the start to a long haul vision of culminating his overall research. I highly recommend checking out this link as it provides practical solutions for everyone to take part:
The design industry must venture into working with different professionals, and not just those available within the familiar context of their professional routes. Dimitrij talks a lot about the collective brain- idea being that the more we have dialogues and peer review our ideas and concepts, the more likely different thinking approaches to solve our design challenges will appear. This will help avoid dogma and ideologies. 

What is THITPIN?

Thitpin podcast is a fun and exploratory mission to uncover the layers of landscape, our relationship towards it and beyond what we define as our landscape to unearth and connect with people and places, ideas and history thereby connecting ultimately with landscape itself.

Each month brings a range of guests such as, from a monk to an environmental journalist, designers and artists, whose expertise, passion and knowledge will give us all the perspective of what it is like to experience the landscape from their standpoint.

A combination of factual research with intimate, personal and passionate conversations, this podcast is a must listen for curious minds that want to go in depth on a journey of uncovering and exploring the landscape around us.