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They didn’t know they would end up traveling the country together.

Show Notes

Traveling Nurses 
Hannah Nocella ‘20, Abbie Nilius ‘19, and Bekah Colon ’19 didn’t know they would end up traveling the country together when they started nursing school at Cedarville University. Hannah and Bekah met during their first nursing class freshman year, and the three of them have been inseparable ever since their sophomore years. 
The three nurses started their careers in Dayton, Ohio, working in progressive care, oncology, and pediatrics. They have lived together since their sophomore years of college, but recently decided to embark on a new adventure: travel nursing.  
Their first travel nursing assignment was in Lakeland, Florida, Abbie’s hometown. During the summer of 2022, they took contracts in various cities in Ohio. Their third and most recent assignment is in Tucson, Arizona, where the three women are currently working at the same hospital.   
Hannah, Abbie, and Bekah recognize the great value of their nursing education at Cedarville University. Healthcare goes far beyond physical healing, and Cedarville prepared them to connect with patients and use nursing as ministry for Christ.  
The three nurses have continually sought the Lord’s will in their lives and, Lord willing, will continue to travel together and use nursing for the glory of God.  

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