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Ruth was a missionary in Africa for more than 20 years, during which time her witness had to survive war, hostile governments and the most personal of assaults.

Show Notes

In 1960 Ruth Myors left Australia to work as a midwife with the Somali people. For over two decades she served in a hospital in Somalia, a village in Ethiopia and a radio ministry in Kenya.

Bureaucratic decisions, coups, communist takeovers, natural disasters, sudden deaths - all disrupted plans and brought about unexpected changes in her life.

Ruth wrote about these experiences in her memoir When The Lights Go Out, and she shares them with Jenny Salt.

What is SALT - Conversations with Jenny?

Jenny Salt is a Christian academic, lecturer at Sydney Missionary And Bible College, and sweet-heart with a microphone. Join her on a forty minute journey into someone’s amazing and often unexpected spiritual travels.

Missionaries and media makers, scientists and sportspeople, new agers and new migrants – Salt is a chance to enter into the lives of people and discover heart-warming, sometimes challenging and always extraordinary gospel stories.