You Can Mentor

Who is the most influential person in your life?  For most people, the answer is one of their parents.  For some people, it's a mentor who spent countless hours pouring into them and teaching them how to be the person that they are today.  Maybe it's a friend.  Everybody has somebody who's impacted their life in a significant way.  It's inevitable given that we are by nature relational beings.  So who influences the influencers?  Who mentored the people who are now mentoring the next generation?  That's the heart of this new series that John is launching this week.  To kick off the series, he has Ross King, an influential songwriter, singer, worship leader, producer, and songwriting mentor in Nashville join him to talk through some of his musical influences as well as the people he points to as having impacted him key ways throughout his life.

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What is You Can Mentor?

You Can Mentor is a podcast about the power of building relationships with kids from hard places in the name of Jesus. Every episode will help you overcome common mentoring obstacles and give you the confidence you need to invest in the lives of others.