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If I can't help you win, at least I’ll try to make you laugh. I love fantasy sports and play and run several leagues in all different sports. Your home for fantasy hockey fun and how to improve your league.

Show Notes

I (Dean Millard) am a lifelong fantasy sports nut and commissioners and I want to help you win your league, or at the very least entertain you and maybe give you something new to try with your league. 

The Question of the Day is about the biggest disappointment on your fantasy hockey team this year. There were some interesting answers from Twitter and some not surprising ones also. Cale Makar, Brad Machard, Nathan Mackinnon and Martin Jones were on display in 3 and and a half stars while some second and third line players getting love in 5 lineup decisions as well as some guys to stash on your roster. 

Tuukka Rask is still taking up space in the MASH 4077 Unit along with a teammate, a pair of Ducks, a Wild and former Wild player. I made a bold prediction about Marc-Andre Fleury turning things around for the slumping Vegas Golden Knights, and I voted on a surging Avalanche forward. My fantasy beef this week is about childish antics from fantasy owners and in rules of engagement, a new twist on the regular season trade deadline, not having one!

Get in the game and email me  because you can’t call the shots if you’re sitting on the sidelines. Fantasy Hockey Time is presented by Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports, the most realistic fantasy sports game out there. Get in the game where you own the game at You can listen to past episodes here and watch us on UFSN YouTube channel.
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What is Fantasy Hockey Time presented by Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports @UFFSports?

I live and die with Fantasy Sports. I run and play in leagues and have for decades and I can't wait to help you win, or at least make you laugh. Join the fun and at the very least I'll help you make your league better.