Malthouse & McFeast: The Coaches Box

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To Coach or Not To Coach? : That is the Question. As Mick and Elle settle into the Coaches Box, the conversation turns to coaching comebacks and little silver bullets, white line fever, kids and gender,  judging people by their drinks and what it means to lead and be part of the team.

What is Malthouse & McFeast: The Coaches Box?

What is Malthouse & McFeast: The Coaches Box?

The  Podcast where Football explains EVERYTHING.
Just in time for the finals, the alternative footy podcast that had to be made.
Libbi Gorr through the sassiness of McFeast lures AFL coaching legend and Hall of Famer Mick Malthouse back into The Coaches Box for one of the most important conversations of our time –  about relationships.
He’s a traditional Baby Boomer Bloke and she’s a sassy Gen X Woman; and when it comes to understanding how people tick…football’s really the only language these two very different people have in common.
But if it happens in footy, it happens in life. So as the AFL season reaches its climax and the finals series, Mick and Elle will do their darndest to make sense of all the dramas that happen OFF the footy field that make us think about our lives in a different way.

In The Coaches Box, Malthouse & McFeast offer refreshing conversations between a woman and man of different generations and completely different mindsets, who can both talk footy. One better than the other. (That's Mick). But it’s not about knees and stats. In The Coaches Box Mick and Elle talk people and leadership, as best as two completely different people from two completely different mindsets who desperately want to understand each other can.

The Coaches Box: Malthouse & McFeast. Life Coaching Through Footy. Because Footy Explains Everything